Here Are the Details:


I was working as an artist at the time.  I had a small production jewelry business, but I wanted to become a designer and make one of a kind or limited edition pieces.  I worked really hard at it.  I see now that my time as a right brain focused artist served as a training ground that helped me connect with my intuition.


For years I’d had a morning routine of stream of consciousness journaling.  It was affirmative prayer, in writing.  I also meditated.  The focus was on my own physical and emotional healing.  

As the unwanted, unwelcome product of an affair, I was rejected by my biological mother and raised by emotionally abusive adoptive parents.  My energy healing practice and insistence on being myself, instead of who they wanted me to be, threatened my family’s belief systems.  This led to my adoptive male parent figure disowning me.  After discovering my existence through DNA records, due to the “circumstances of my conception”, my biological father’s family rejected me, as well. 

Lack of family support and connection left me feeling utterly alone and terrified, like I had nothing and no one.  Existential stress triggered the genes that contributed to my illness. 

Then, one day, after years of morning practice, something different happened.  As I wrote, I started hearing words in my ear.  The words were clear, as though they were being dictated.  It felt like they were coming from above.  I wrote them down as fast as I could, without questioning what they meant.  It seemed obvious that the thing to do was just keep writing, without stopping, so I did.   


The only goal of my practice had been a deeper connection with the divine and the experience took me completely by surprise.  What came through was completely different than anything I'd ever written myself.  It was obviously from a much higher place.  For the next couple months, more writings kept spontaneously coming through.  They were incredibly sacred, beautiful, pure, and uplifting, unlike anything I’d ever written before.  When I showed the writing to my then husband and told him what was happening, he was blown away, too.  It was clear to him, too, that something unusual was taking place.   

As the writing was taking place, the energy vibrated like electricity.  I felt like I was being lifted several feet off the ground.  The energy was bigger and more powerful than words can describe.  Exponentially beyond nuclear.  Yet so sweet and loving. 


The feeling was of ecstasy, joy, wonder, awe and amazement.  Suddenly I knew, saw and understood things far beyond my limited individual perspective.  I knew I had accessed my higher self and through it was connecting to the incredible, unlimited energy of the divine.  It's the divine energy we all have within, and that we're all part of.  I saw firsthand that we really do have so much more power available to us than most of us realize.

The intelligent energy provided wisdom, insight and guidance that was personally relevant, and universally applicable.  There I was, amazed at having face to face direct contact with God, or Goddess, as I referred to Her.  After all the years of pure intention and devotion, endeavoring to connect, there She was talking back to me, loud and unmistakably clear.  I felt the divine presence all around me, at all times.  

I’d get a nudge to sit down and write or draw, and more would come through.  Each day the connection became stronger and more amplified.  After a few days the voice started speaking through me, as well.  The guidance we received about various details of our life was unerring. 

I started to see auras and perceive energies all around me.  The color of peoples’ energy fields told me what was going on in their life, whether their energy was clear or blocked, where they were carrying old, unresolved hurt, and how to help them.  Suddenly, I was able to peer beneath the surface and understand the deeper meaning of things.  I felt expansive love and goodwill for all.  I'd always been pretty perceptive, but I didn't see energy or have the same direct contact.  This was/is a whole different level.


I had no control of it, the energy would just show up and start coming through.  I didn’t know exactly what it was all about, but I knew I had connected with something much larger.  I asked the energy what it was.  It said we could call it Brilliant White Light (BWL), that it was a divine feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit.  

The experience continued until March.  My sight had been opened wide.  I knew more and saw more.  Afterward, I really wanted to resume my pursuit of being an artist, make jewelry, just go back to my old life.  But once my lens into subtle energies and other dimensions had opened I could not shut it down.  My life had been irrevocably altered.  I couldn't go back to a mundane existence. 


I received the message "Become a spiritual teacher".  "No way" I said "You already have enough of those".  The prompting continued. 


I saw the good that could be done by using the energy.  I knew I was supposed to be using my abilities to help others.   About a year later I gave in and started my energy healing practice.  Indeed, BWL knew best.  I'm a vastly better healer than artist and it's more fulfilling.  It's a huge honor to be part of peoples' lives and help them accomplish their goals.  

As I’ve practiced energy healing, I’ve continued down the path of helping others and myself.  Connection with Spirit has helped me overcome the triple whammy of rejection, heal physically, begin to thrive and help hundreds of others.  I believe my soul chose challenging experiences because they've helped me help others.