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You Don't Have to Earn Love

Rebecca is a vivacious 53 year old with a big personality. In her previous session she’d expressed concern about her relationships with her husband and friends being one sided. She’d ask lots of questions about them and draw them out, but they seldom asked about her. When they did it made her uncomfortable, so she’d point the conversation back to them. As a result, she felt distant and disconnected.

When working with clients I receive guidance from Brilliant White Light (BWL), a divine feminine aspect of Spirit. We’d helped her realize that her husband and friends didn’t know what she needed. We showed Rebecca how to tune into what she needed, then ask for it. She’d been practicing and her connections were improving. Her next session uncovered another layer.

Rebecca's session was by videoconferencing. My ability to read and send energy is not confined to a physical location, so many of my clients work with me this way. Distance doesn't matter, the sessions are every bit as transformative as being there in person.

At the beginning of this session Rebecca said she was working on saying no to things that didn’t feed her. Yet sometimes saying no made her feel guilty. “What’s the guilt?” I asked. For example, she said, the previous weekend her father had placed her stepmother in a skilled nursing facility. Rebecca and her father weren’t close. “He’s uncomfortable around me. He’s emotionally constricted and I intimidate him.” However, Rebecca had recently discovered that her dad planned to make a generous contribution to her 7 year old son’s college fund. Even though he had never been the father she needed, since finding out about the gift she felt obligated to be a “good daughter” and go visit him.

She wasn’t looking forward to the trip, but she rearranged her schedule and planned it. A couple days later her dad called and told her not to come. He’d found termites in the den and needed to arrange for pest control. Rebecca knew this was a lame excuse. “I don’t mind” she told him. He was adamant.

Rebecca was relieved, yet she also felt unloved and rejected. “I know the reason he doesn’t want me to come has more to do with him than me.” As she said this I watched her energy move into her head. “Yes, the adult understands it’s not about you, but you’re still carrying your five year old self’s pain,” I said, “and that pain is affecting your present relationships.” “Yes”, she agreed sadly. “How about we go inside and see if we can help that hurt child?” I asked. “Let’s do that” she said heavily.

“Take a deep breath” I said. Guided by BWL, I helped her go inside and connect with her wisdom. She clearly saw a glowing globe in her heart and she was surrounded by more Helpers than she could identify. She was overwhelmed by their numbers, their beauty and their love. “Each one has a specialty” she told me, “although I don’t know exactly what it is.”

“Ask which one is here to help your child who is feeling unloved and rejected” I said. “It’s a Roman goddess in a flowing blue gown” she said rather sheepishly. “This is weird. I don’t have any connection to Roman goddesses. I don’t understand why she’s here”.

I disclosed to Rebecca that I’ve also had guides show up that I previously had no known connection to. I told her how they’ve stuck around, I’ve gotten to know them, and they’ve become great helpers. “Just ask her who she is and what her name is” I said. “She says it’s Terra. She represents the earth mother.” “Alright, ask her how she can help your hurt child.”

Terra took Rebecca’s child to the ocean. They sat down on a large boulder in the sun. Terra put her arm around the child and gave her the grounding and stability she needed. Then another Guide showed up. “It’s a Playmate” Rebecca said. “I see her”, I said. “The Playmate looks joyful and friendly. It looks like your child wants to play, but she’s holding back.” “Yes” Rebecca said. “She’s uncertain, not sure if she can trust the playmate. But Terra is giving her an encouraging nudge. She’s saying go on, she wants to play with you.”

“My child stepped forward” Rebecca said “and now they’re holding hands. At last,” Rebecca sighed, “she feels like she belongs.” Rebecca’s energy relaxed and opened. With Terra standing by, her child felt free and could have fun with the Playmate. As they played, Rebecca felt loved and accepted.

Spirit Guides have access to energies beyond human comprehension. Working with them can help us connect with the divine and heal at depth. The Guides helped Rebecca grasp the fact that despite her past experiences, she doesn’t need to earn love. She is fully deserving. This shift is allowing Rebecca to continue opening herself to others and embrace the love and abundance she receives.

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