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A couple months ago I wrote an opinion in the Aspen Times advocating a woman’s right to govern her own reproduction. Choosing when to start families empowers women, and men, to find fulfillment and prosperity in all areas. This ultimately benefits their children. An angry reader, responding from old consciousness beliefs, called the pursuit of joy and fulfillment self-adoration. Most often the people who lay guilt trips on those who know they’re here to experience joy, who actively pursue their dreams, are people who have given up their own personal power. They project their beliefs and unhappiness onto others. Many of my clients have known intellectually that investing time and resources in self-care brings them into balance. They’ve known that when they’re in balance they have more to give to others. Still, they feel selfish and guilty, often because they've absorbed others' negativity. As I work with clients I receive guidance from Brilliant White Light (BWL), a divine feminine aspect of Spirit. I help these clients connect with their inner wisdom. With support, clients can breathe into the guilt, hold it gently, and step away from it.

Honoring and witnessing the guilt connects them to their inner wisdom. They release other peoples' negativity and understand at depth that they deserve love and joy. They let go of the disempowering beliefs that held them hostage. Even though others may keep trying to pull them down, they keep treasuring and respecting themselves. They keep stepping forward. These people who connect with their being and love themselves succeed in manifesting their heart’s desires. Their success benefits everyone.

manifesting their heart’s desires. Their success benefits everyone.

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