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Staying Sane in an Insane World

Cheri feels it’s natural for her to be spiritually connected. However, she’s drifted away from her spirituality and wants to get back. She also wants to be more creative with the preschool she owns. During her session she told me she was spending too much time watching the news. She was getting riled up about the politics, hooked into negativity. Then she was ranting incessantly, saying things like “Donald Trump’s a dimwitted f-ing bozo! They’re all a bunch of greedy losers!”

When working with clients I receive guidance from Spirit. “What function is that serving?” Spirit directed me to ask. Cheri pondered for a moment. “It’s keeping me at a lower level. In my comfort zone.” “Good realization” I said. “Realization is the first step to change.”

“As you know, Cheri, the natural state of our being is health, love, abundance, joy and connection. We’re one with the eternal, unlimited divine. We create our experiences with our actions, feelings and thoughts. We can set a clear intention and partner with the divine to co-create what we desire. Most people don’t know this, though, which causes them to live from fear and ego” I shared with her.

“News comes from the perspective of fear and ego. The excitement and emotion of the negative drama the news perpetuates causes an adrenaline rush that can hook you. Gossip does the same thing. This negativity can disconnect us from our being. When that happens we lose touch with our ability to create joy.

What we focus on expands. Reacting to negativity with anger, judgment, fear or sadness feeds the darkness.” “I can totally see that” Cheri said.

Next, I asked her what she needed to do. She reflected a bit. “I need to limit my exposure to the news. I don’t gossip much, but it would be better to abstain completely. I can see how gossip lowers my energy, too.”

“Good.” I said. “Go within and ask yourself how much the right amount of news is.” “Thirty minutes a day. I need to spend time meditating and reading spiritual books, instead.”

“Great. When you’re watching the news remember to keep part of your focus inside yourself” I told her. “Observe your reactions to what you’re seeing and hearing. For practice, how about we go back and look at some of your past reactions?” “Sure” she said.

“If it feels o.k., close your eyes” I said. "Let Spirit help you gently hold your anger and judgment about Trump.”

“O.k.” Cheri said. “Allow your feelings to be what they are. No need to change them. Breathe into the anger and judgment.” I sent her energy as Spirit helped her look inside. “What do anger and judgment tell you?”

“Wow. I’m actually frustrated with myself for being afraid to expand my preschool. I could be doing so much more good. Instead, I’m giving in to fear and calling myself an idiot. My discontent makes me more negative. I need to work on this.”

“Very good. Everything we perceive on the outside is a reflection of our insides. Now, notice that the one who was observing your feelings is your invisible being. See how stepping back and observing created distance from your emotions? It reconnected you with your creative power. You got to choose your response, instead of getting lost in negative drama.” “Yes. I see.”

“Another way to view today’s politics is that darkness is being brought to the light. People like you are being inspired to use their skills and talents to make positive contributions. Enlightened individuals help society move to a higher level.”

Cheri left feeling uplifted. When I saw her again she told me she was feeling calmer and clearer. She’d started talking to some of the parents about her ideas for expansion. They were very supportive and had given her some helpful feedback. Moving forward helped Cheri feel happier and more fulfilled. Knowing she could make a difference helped her to be less affected by negativity.

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