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How to Nurture Yourself for Greater Health and Clarity

Sixty two year old Sandra is a well-dressed, nicely coiffed and manicured, very successful business woman. She adores working out. “I hurt my knee running” Sandra lamented at the beginning of her session. “I joined a half marathon training program. Even though I’ve never done a half before I was trying to keep up and compete. It was really ticking me off that I couldn’t.”

Sandra’s often pushed herself too hard, not only in workouts but at work. Until recently, she worked six days a week. In previous sessions we’d addressed her habit of disconnecting from her body sensations and feelings, putting on a masculine front and powering through both workouts and work situations. As I looked at her energy it was clear that this tendency had reared up again. This time, however, her body had overridden her attempt to power through.

When I pointed this out Sandra told me she was one of the first generation of women to have a career instead of being a stay at home mom. At the time, her industry was male dominated and hostile toward women. She felt she had to adopt a male persona, push and force her way through, in order to make it. It wasn’t easy, but through willpower and “luck” she’s had great success. However, her old way of operating, disconnecting from herself, wasn’t serving her anymore. Self-will had not only caused her injury, it wasn’t creating the peace and contentment she desires. It was time to do something different.

When working with clients I receive guidance from Spirit. Following my guidance, I asked Sandra to take a deep breath and focus her attention inside. I took her through a process that helped her connect with her inner wisdom and open to receive healing. I asked her to check in with her body and notice if there was a particular spot calling her attention. “My heart” she said. “What does it feel like?” I asked. “Heavy” she said.

“If it feels o.k.” I told her “let yourself receive Spirit's healing." “It is” she said. “Alright, just see what Spirit has for you” I said, as I held the energy.

“I need to listen to my body and nurture myself” she said after a few moments. “I need to rest.” “Yes” I heard my guidance say and I passed the message on. “Your body and mind are not always on the same track. Unlike the mind, our body can only be in the present moment. Listening to your body brings your mind into sync. Resting when you need to makes you stronger.”

“I get that completely” Sandra said. She acted on her new awareness. Over the weekend she rested and nurtured herself. She was back to running the following week. This time, though, she was being receptive and listening to her body. Her body also told her to cut back her work hours. She did and it actually helped her become more productive.

Some consider this to be a man’s world. In the past both men and women, like Sandra, felt that in order to succeed they needed to be “masculine” and power through. This has often been detrimental to health and relationships. When we express primarily masculine traits and suppress the feminine we get stuck in the mind, which disconnects us from spirit.

Masculine Traits: doing, aggression, analytical, concrete, impatient, striving, rushing, assertive, left brain, thrusting, organization, logical, busy, hard, controlling

Feminine Traits: being, surrender, intuitive, abstract, patient, tranquil, nurturing, reeceptive, right brain, receiving, synthesizing, creative, calm, soft, allowing

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy, and we need both. It’s only when we express too much of either that we get out of balance. Both women and men are recognizing that expressing feminine qualities, such as nurturing, puts them in touch with their unlimited being. When we nurture ourselves we have more to give.

Gender inequity comes from being disconnected from divinity. Every human has the divine within. We’re all connected. It’s senseless to subvert or exploit anyone’s talents and creativity.

When we dishonor another we do likewise to our self. When we buy into believing we are inferior we disconnect from our divine self. Both feminine and masculine qualities are vital to well-being.

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