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From Frustration to True Power

Janine is a fit, fifty nine year old owner of a boutique fitness center. At the beginning of her session she told me how frustrated she was with her team of trainers who were not meeting their goals. They lacked commitment and weren’t pulling their weight. Janine was generating most of the sales. She wanted them to step up and she was berating them for not doing so. This was creating a negative atmosphere in the gym. “I need to be nicer and kinder” she said.

As I view a person’s energy I receive guidance from Spirit. I could see that the root of the problem was not that Janine needed to be nicer. The real problem was that she wasn’t owning her power, meaning she wasn’t embracing her light and divinity. She wasn’t embodying her role as a leader. When I shared this with her she agreed. “I associate power with ego” she said “and I am hesitant to embrace it. I want to be liked.”

Like many, Janine misunderstood what power is. She thought of power as harshness, coercion and control. This, what the world considers power, is not true power.

Growing up, few of us were told that we have the unlimited divine within us. Instead, many of us were told we’re flawed. This belief has been handed down through generations and become part of our cells.

Janine wanted to get in touch with her unlimited, divine self. Then she wouldn’t feel small, separate and limited. Believing ourselves to be small and separate causes us to feel powerless. When we feel powerless we’re in fear. Fear causes us to be harsh and coercive. From separation, Janine was behaving in exactly the way she didn’t want to.

I could relate to Janine’s difficulty owning her light. Growing up, I, too, was thoroughly indoctrinated, inoculated and saturated in smallness and constriction. When I first started doing intuitive work it was hard for me to own the fact that I was relaying messages from the divine. That seemed way too big for me. Eventually, I learned to embody my connection, trust and surrender to it.

I asked Janine if she would like to go inside and sort things out. “Yes” she breathed. I took her through a process that helped her connect with her body and access her inner wisdom. I held the space and sent Janine healing energy. After a moment she said “I know I can’t control others. My trainers are telling me what they want to hear. The goals they’re stating are not really theirs. I need to connect with each of them individually and find out what their real goals are. If I know why the goal is important to the person, and what they would gain by accomplishing it, I can support them.”

Janine’s realization came from connecting with her being, which is eternal, unlimited and loving. When we’re connected with our being we come from peace and love. When we embrace the power of our being we create good for ourselves and others. Connection to our being is true power.

The power of our being is quiet. It knows that it’s divine, that it is everything and it has everything. Therefore, it doesn’t need to shout. Our being is connected and uplifting. It supports life and brings joy.

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