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Each of Us is Unique and Complex

This post is the third in a series about my personal journey to health and happiness, and the challenges I've faced getting there. In this series, I'm going beyond my comfort zone, sharing my personal challenges and what's helping me overcome them. I hope that reading about my experience will help you in your quest to achieve joy, purpose and abundance.

Each of us is unique and complex. We’re the only ones who have the answers we need. It’s sometimes good to get support to help us see things we can’t see for ourselves, but ultimately, the answers are within us. We each have divine wisdom woven into our bodies that helps us find the answers to whatever questions we have.

In my work, I’m guided to take clients through a process that connects them with their inner wisdom by connecting with their bodies. Connecting with the body’s wisdom bypasses the mind and gets us to the heart of things.

A deep connection with spirit always brings us the people, information and resources we need. This connection has given me the courage to ask the hard questions and have the difficult conversations that helped to heal old family wounds. Healing family wounds is key to freeing ourselves from limitation. This process cleared my energy.

Good doctors and good medicine were synergistic with my opening to good energy. The two worked together. When my energy was clearer I attracted the naturopath that diagnosed the Epstein Barr virus, the holistic minded gynecologist who is helping to balance my hormones and the integrative medicine doctor who discovered my heavy metal toxicity. I’d been taking neurotransmitter support supplements, but one day, after a long time focusing on my intention of health, I was tuning deeply into my body. Spirit helped me recognize that GABA deficiency was one of the missing links.

What I’ve learned through my journey, and through helping clients, is that in order to fully heal we have to do the inner work. When we connect with our bodies, heal emotional wounds and connect with Spirit, miraculous shifts and perspective changes occur that help us to overcome obstacles. Spirit takes us further than we can go on our own.

Pain and darkness provide an incentive to seek light. When we embrace, rather than try to avoid pain and darkness, we come to the other side. Trauma causes us to close our hearts in order to protect ourselves. We disconnect and go into our heads. When we embrace the pain and move through it we open the blocked energy. Our hearts open and we experience better health, on all levels.

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