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Drop it and Stop it!

Perhaps you’ve also had this experience - In the past I’ve gotten hooked into feeling sorry for people who are suffering, but refuse to take responsibility for themselves, who don’t want to find the answers within.

Cords of energy run between you and everyone you’re connected to. When you feel sorry for someone who is unwilling to change, you give them your energy and they draw it in. You get drained, distracted and your vibration gets lowered.

Last time I got hooked, which fortunately has been awhile, divine guidance told me to “Drop it and stop it!” That meant drop the cord and stop feeling sorry for the person.

Sometimes guidance is very direct. “Stop feeling sorry for him” was hard to swallow. “He’s responsible for his own feelings and his own choices” I was told.

It was difficult, but I followed the guidance. As soon as I did I felt freer. You can still be kind, and if people ask for your help you can give it. But feeling sorry and getting hooked in doesn’t serve anyone.

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