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Keeping Your Energy Clear

Everything is energy. Some of us are sensitive and deeply affected by others’ energy. When you’re feeling fine one minute then suddenly noticing yourself feeling radically different, i.e. stupid or insecure, you may be internalizing someone else’s judgments of themselves. If you lose track of yourself and your agenda around certain people their energy may be overtaking yours. Has this ever happened to you?

Learning to discern what is coming from inside and what belongs to someone else is liberating. We learn this by paying attention and staying divinely connected. Sometimes awareness that an energy doesn’t belong to you is enough to release it. Other times, you may have to actively send it away.

Regular exercise and meditation help clear your energy, connect you with your body and help you occupy your own space. The more centered we are, the higher our energy vibrates and the less likely we are to take on other energies.

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