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Beyond Struggle, Fight, Battle

“Fighting school violence”. “Joining the battle against opioid abuse”. “Struggling for equality”. Listening to the news, political speeches and every day conversation not a day goes by without hearing conflictual words like “fight”, “battle” and “struggle”.

“We’re fighting for safety” said a high school student. “We fought for common ground” said a Congressman. Reasonable desires. However, the way society and individuals, which comprise society, often go about realizing such desires isn’t always effective.

Like energy attracts like energy. When we “fight” or stand against something our energy is the same frequency as the thing we don’t want, therefore we feed it. Even the common term “argument” implies opposition.

Energy follows thought. Words express thoughts. We create our experiences with our strong feelings, thoughts and actions. When we stand for and act in accordance with what we intend we’re embodying the same frequency and our desired outcome unfolds. Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it.”

For example, when my husband and I oppose each other we don’t solve our problem, we each just dig in deeper. When we stop arguing and remember that we love each other we find a solution.

We’re connected to everyone and everything. When faced with difficult people or situations this can be hard to remember. But when we fight someone or something we’re really fighting our self and causing conflict within, which attracts more of the same.

Be present and observe your thoughts and words. When thoughts enter that aren’t aligned with your intention, or words slip out of your mouth, just notice without judgment. Then change them so that your energy flows toward what you truly desire to create.

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