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The Elastic Quality of Time

It’s been said that time is a mental construct. You may have noticed how sometimes time seems to go quickly, others it drags. I call this the elastic quality of time. I especially noticed this recently. During the holidays, which can be a busy time for many, you may have your own concerns about time.

In August my husband and I planned a Thanksgiving trip to the beach. We looked forward to it for over two months. It was exhilarating to finally land at the airport.

The first beach run was heavenly. Arriving back after nine days of reveling in the warmth it seemed as though it had just been the day before that we were anticipating the trip, yet it was over.

I ran the Palm Springs Turkey Trot as hard as I could. Finish line in sight, two hundred yards away, I kept imagining crossing so I could stop running and stop hurting. Yet there I was still running, not having arrived yet, aware of each second passing. I was both where I was in that moment and out ahead of myself.

During the Evening of Intuitive Energy Healing that took place December 5th we were all so present and engaged that time flew.

Other times I’ve worried that I’m going to run out of time before I accomplish all of my goals. I’ve feared losing an opportunity if I don’t get it all done now, that this life will end and it will be too late.

Yet all our experiences of time, of anticipating and remembering, take place in the eternal present. Now is the only moment there is and your invisible being is always alive within it. Remembering that you are not limited to the linear, that you are eternal and unlimited, is reassuring. This knowledge adds a whole new dimension to life.

May the sacred energy of the holidays help you expand your connection to now.

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