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Energy Can Affect You

Love supports life. Love lets us build and create, instead of having to protect and defend. From the safety of love, we can shine our light. With love we thrive, instead of just survive. It’s often easier to be love in our own spaces. But encountering energies that are not love can make staying centered difficult. A participant in last week’s Online Evening of Energy Healing told of an experience in the grocery store. Leaving her house, she was joyful. Then she encountered someone going the wrong way down the center of an aisle, opposite the arrows, not leaving room for others. Suddenly she felt angry and afraid. When we react negatively to these types of events, we, like my student, are sometimes disappointed with ourselves. But we don’t have to be perfect. We only need to do our best. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling anger, fear or sadness. Accept yourself and the other person. Acceptance can lead you back to the greatest healer, love. While taking responsibility is vital, also honor the fact that others’ energy can affect you. Most of us, to some degree, are susceptible to others’ influence. Some especially sensitive individuals, like me, can be profoundly affected. Extreme sensitivity is a gift that helps us tune in deeply. Sensitivity can also cause us to take on other energies and lose ourselves. Working with my delightful clients, it’s easy to remain connected. However, most people don’t know that they’re eternal, unlimited and that joy is their natural state. Unaware that the divine is within, not knowing that they can consciously co-create their experience, they believe things just happen. Confined to three-dimensional world limitations, they’re disempowered. Fear, depression, aloneness and hopelessness pervade. Interfacing with the world, in order to remain anchored and execute my loving intentions, I’ve had to learn to care for my energy. Otherwise, the world’s anguish engulfs. Static obscures my vision and deflates my ability to act. Recognize energy’s potential to yank you off center. We’re unique, so we each must figure out what works for us. But remember, you are eternal and unlimited. You are joy. You create with your emotionally charged thoughts. Stay in your body and the moment. Ground, surround yourself with white light. Practice self care.

Energy healing can help you connect to inner wisdom, nurture yourself, gain clarity on the actions you need to take and learn practical tools to help you stay balanced.

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