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Joy Blocking Habits

The present moment is alive with spirit! Everything we desire already exists in spirit, which we are part of. To receive, we need to be clear about our desires and open. Yet sometimes habits and attachments, like using food or alcohol to feel good or blot discomfort, keep us from being fully available to the moment. This impulse may be amplified during stressful times. At one time or another, most of us have comforted with food or drink. Occasional comforting becomes habit when we get attached. Attachment disconnects. We can’t receive what we truly desire because we’re not open and available. Then, we feel bad and need more comfort. Vicious cycle. Nothing wrong with enjoying wine or dessert! Yet there’s a difference between enjoyment and attachment. Enjoyment engages the senses. We’re present in the experience. When finished we move on. We’re balanced. Need and attachment create stress. Stress hormones and attachment spawned excesses cause imbalance and unpleasant body consequences. Some of you have struggled with sugar. I can relate. I don’t binge like I used to, but I recently realized I was still attached to comfort food. When I saw my attachment, I recognized I didn’t need it anymore. I'd rather feel and open to joy, the fullness of life. With nothing in the way, we're available to spirit. Energy healing can equip you with practical tools to deal with stress. Release joy blocking habits, open to your heart's desires.

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