Overcoming the Magnetic Pull of Negativity

This high-tension time offers so many opportunities to get caught in the magnetic pull of negativity.  Negativity works hard to drag us in, doesn't it?  Yet whether it'ssituations or people, disparaging what we don’t like only feeds it. 

Love, our natural state, is what we need to heal on all levels.  Change begins with us.  If peace is our desire, we must remove ourselves from unnecessary drama, resist getting amped and focus on the higher frequency of what we do intend. 

Our open hearts are forces.  Sweet.  Strong.  Uplifting.  Expansive.  Doing whatever it takes to find love is worth it.  We don’t have to like something to love it. 

In order to connect to love we also must honor that it’s human to react.  Leaving the store, I paused for a couple seconds in the driveway, carefully looking both ways before entering the street.  A horn blared from behind.  Instantly, my finger hit the button.  Down came the window.  Locking eyes with the crew cut wearing driver of a shiny truck, I threw up my hands and shrieked “You’re honking at me?!!!”

He angrily gunned around.  Following him to the stoplight, awareness kicked in.  “He must have a rough life.  He's clearly in pain.”  I felt compassion for him and gratitude for the inner peace I feel most of the time.

While my reaction let him know it wasn’t o.k. to be rude to me, I didn’t like getting momentarily hooked.  Yet beating ourselves up for reacting only keeps us in negativity.  When we honor anger and other negative feelings, inner wisdom kicks in.  The feeling shifts.  Behavior changes.  The more we practice self-acceptance, the less reactive we become.  The more connected we are to love, the more we emanate and attract good.