Feel Good Again

Heart connection feels good.  It's light, peaceful, joyful, healthy.  Laughter, love, gratitude and generosity flow.  When we feel good, we attract good. 

Ego, on the other hand, is choppy.  Striving.  Hot.  Impatient.  Discordant.  Frenzied.  When you notice feelings like these arise, ego is taking over.  Time to step back.  Get present. 

Sometimes it’s hard to step back.  Ego wants to keep pushing.  Keep patterns running.  Yet recognizing ego creates the opening to free yourself.
We sidestep ego by slowing down, even when it’s telling us to keep moving.  When we observe the feeling, we begin to free our self.  Anger?  Frustration?  Worry?  Sadness?  Listen.  Watch.  Be curious.  Allow the feeling to be exactly what it is. 

Paying compassionate attention unfolds strength, wisdom and clarity.  Our heart opens.  We connect with our soul.  We feel peace.  As we practice, ego's hold weakens.