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3 Tips to Dissolve Connection Barriers

A history of rejection can make you reluctant to reach out.

Past hurt may have caused you to withdraw, protect, and separate yourself from others. But protecting yourself in this way ends up causing more hurt and disconnection.

Or you may sabotage yourself, expecting rejection and showing up in a way that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many times, this happens unconsciously.

  • Do you notice yourself being guarded?

  • Do you expect rejection?

Self-awareness can help you see and change old patterns. As you notice them, recognize that NOW is a new moment. The present differs from the memories of past hurt. New possibilities exist!

These 3 tips will help you act on them – and open yourself to connection:

  1. Take responsibility and pay attention to how you’re showing up.

  2. Remember, most people are kind. But if someone rejects you, don’t take it personally. It may be about where THEY’RE at, not a statement about you.

  3. Don’t make rejection part of your self-image.

With practice, you can move beyond past hurt and re-train yourself to be open to connection.


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