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Caution Laced Joy

Is your joy laced with caution?

I finished the manuscript for my book Triple Whammy: From Anxiety, Depression, and Illness to Well-Being. That's the working title. I have an editor and I’m waiting to begin the process.

While I'm waiting, I started working on book two. I’ve committed to writing three hours a day, six days a week. And I’m loving it!

I relish creativity. All my work - energy healing with individuals and groups, creating programs and writing—is creative. I was experiencing substantial enjoyment the other day when a little voice crept in. “Uh oh. Should you really be enjoying this so much? Is it going to work out?”

Many clients have expressed similar. Something good happens, but they’re afraid to embrace it. They wait for the other shoe to drop. Ever notice yourself doing that?

Some have experienced joyful moments morphing into pain through rejection or criticism. Attempting to avoid more hurt, they become cautious. Mainstream culture suspects unbridled joy. Thus, the familiar lines “You’re having too much fun” and “What are you so happy about?”

But caution and waiting for the other shoe to drop are energy contracting bummers.

Positivity supports health and well-being. Upliftment attracts positive people, situations, and things. Stress and negative emotions erode health and block healing. They attract negative people, situations, and things.

  • Can you, without reservation, embrace joy?

  • Or do you wait for the other shoe to drop?

If you notice yourself being cautious about feeling joy, step back.

  • Ask: “What’s that about?”

  • Does the belief or experience that gives rise to caution still serve? Is it still relevant? True?


  • Check in periodically. Ask: “Am I in joy?”

Sure, not every moment is butterflies and rainbows. Still, joy can be an undercurrent, even amidst challenges.

  • If you need reminders, use post-its or set an alarm label.

You have permission. Go ahead. Have all the fun you want. It’s not too much! With repetition, increased joy becomes your setpoint.


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