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Necessary for Health and Well-Being

We deserve love. Our being is love. Because of that, we can never lose love. Despite the shortcomings of our personalities, the innocence and purity of our being cannot be taken away. Nothing can hurt our soul or change the love that we are.

When we are connected to being, we're connected to love. Love helps us better care for ourselves. Self-love, not self-criticism, motivates us to do what’s good for us, like eat healthy, exercise, meditate, get enough sleep, and say “no” when we need to.

Love fosters kind, patient internal dialogue. When we need to, love lets us gently hold ourselves accountable. Self-care deepens our connection to love. When we have a loving attitude toward ourselves, we have more to give to others.

Sometimes the first step toward self-love is acceptance. When we resist or push against something, we’re feeding it energy and it grows. Acceptance is a neutral allowing of what is. We don’t have to like something to accept it. Accepting something doesn’t mean we can’t change it. Rather, acceptance removes resistance and lets us begin the process of change. Acceptance means not pushing against, just acknowledging what is and going from there.