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It's Not Like Swallowing a Pill

I frequently hear concerns similar to this: "I have these great morning meditations. Before leaving the house, I surround myself with white light. I have a pocket full of crystals. Yet by the end of the day I’m still ending up anxious, depressed and drained!”

After we complete our meditations, we often tend to shift our focus to the outer, leaving the meditation behind. We become identified with the outer and with the energies we encounter. We slip back into our default programming, disconnect and lose ourselves.

We need to continue paying attention. Staying clear of lower energies means integrating a higher frequency into our energy field. Most of the time, this change happens incrementally.

Keeping part of our attention inside as we interact with the world, we bring awareness and connection into our activities. When you notice that you’re becoming fragmented, spinning, feeling down, etc., step back and observe. Investigate whether the feeling is coming from within or without. Observation gives you the opportunity to choose a response, rather than react.

Crystals, (I call them “crystal friends”), carry stable vibrations that can help us to not take on other energies. However, working with crystals is not like swallowing a pill that we can expect to just remove our discomfort. Rather, crystals need to be consciously partnered with. If we’re carrying a crystal, we can keep part of our attention tuned to it. As we encounter situations, we can ask it to help us stay connected, and it will.

With intention and attention, we embody higher vibrations. Our set point changes. We become less vulnerable to lower energies. We experience more peace, love and power.

This is a challenging time. Tensions are high. Most of us, in some way, are feeling the effects. Still, we don’t have to get entirely pulled into it. We can remain on a higher level.

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