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Love is Essential

Our deepest need is for love and we’ll do almost anything to get it. Love gives meaning and purpose to life. It’s essential to health and well-being. Lacking love, we’re constricted, unable to receive the good life has in store for us. To heal on all levels, we must open to love.

Angela was lonely. She had moved to a different state, by herself. She was far away from the few friends she had and from family, who she wasn’t close to. She felt different from others, and had difficulty meeting people and making friends. She longed for a partner, but she’d been hurt. She was afraid to open her heart.

Angela had hurt her ankle and it wasn't healing well. She stopped exercising, and had gained a few pounds. She knew that to attract love she needed to love herself, but she felt unlovable. Feeling unlovable was the first thing that needed to change.

Based on its perceptions of past experiences, Angela’s mind was hooked on being unlovable. In high school she’d dated a boy of a different ethnicity. Her parents were outraged. Her mom called her a whore. The man she eventually married was emotionally abusive. The divorce was traumatic. These incidents, on top of her dad’s relentless criticism growing up, left her feeling worthless.

Past experiences were informing Angela’s present. To begin the clearing, I took her through a process that helped her get present in her body and the moment. I encouraged her to open to unconditional divine love, support, and healing. I asked her to locate the unlovable feeling in her body.

Angela’s heart felt heavy and her shoulders were tight. I instructed her to breathe into the sensations and hold them gently. Allowing in divine support and healing, I asked her to invite them to tell her what they needed.

“I just feel afraid. I’m all alone” she said. “Breathe into the feelings of alone and afraid” I said. She took several breaths. "It feels heavy, dark and sad." "O.k.", I said gently, continuing to send her healing energy, "hold those feelings and breathe into them." She took a deep breath and exhaled. “I feel warmth in my heart. There's light shining. My angels are with me.”

“Great” I said. “Breathe into the warmth and light from your angels.” After a few moments, she took a deep breath and exhaled. “They’re telling me it's o.k.” Her shoulders relaxed and her energy brightened. “Beautiful” I said, “breathe into o.k.-ness.” As Angela sat, breathing into love from her angels, she started to connect to the love within herself.

Even though it sometimes feels like we're alone, we're really not. The universe is always supporting us. The connection that we long for, with ourselves, others and the divine is there when we open to it.

Angela continued to affirm the message she received, "I'm o.k." She repeated it to herself throughout the day. When we followed up two weeks later, Angela shared that her ankle was improving. Additionally, she'd met someone at the grocery store who she'd hit it off with and they'd set up a coffee date.

Unworthiness, self-criticism, and perfectionism can be convincing feelings, but they’re not truth. The emotions clearing process can help you unburden your heart and heal on all levels.

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