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Love is Not About Other People

Glenda, who lives in a small community, is surrounded by negative neighbors. The energy is dense. She noticed herself getting sucked in and wanted it to stop.

Experiencing negative emotions is part of being human, so I encouraged her not to beat herself up for getting angry and frustrated. Yet as I helped Glenda honor and move through her anger and frustration, eventually she realized that her neighbors' negativity had nothing to do with her. She connected with the peace and universal love at the center of her being.

Universal, unconditional love goes beyond the sentiment, emotion and judgments of our personalities. Love is a state of being that honors the divinity within self and others. It wishes the best for all.

Yet love is not always sweet and affectionate. When someone does something hurtful, we don’t feel affection towards them. Yet we can remain present in a non-attached, bigger love. Even when we don’t like someone or feel nicely toward them, we can still love. We can honor the being-ness of even those who hurt us, although we may need to stay far away. The love within us, which emanates from Source, is bigger than any negativity we may experience.

Glenda discovered that love is not about other people. Love is a state of being. It’s a choice that brings her peace. When she's at peace, she attracts more peace to herself and contribute to others’ peace.

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