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Love's about giving AND receiving!

You have to let people love you.

An important aspect of connection is choosing those who are emotionally available and letting them love you.

To experience the joy of connection, you can’t always be the giver. You must be authentic and open about yourself, and vulnerable enough to receive.

Are you open to receiving?

Or is some old hurt keeping you guarded?

Sometimes we unwittingly send the universe mixed messages. We ask for connection but we’re afraid to let it in or we feel unworthy of love.

The divine loves you unconditionally. Your being is love. Therefore, you can never lose love.

This week, I invite you to observe 3 things within yourself:

  1. Are you choosing people who are emotionally available?

  2. Are you being authentic and open?

  3. Can you be vulnerable and receive?

I always love hearing from you. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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