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Love WINS!

So much tension in the world.  Unsettled after listening to the morning news, I called my husband.  We had a reassuring conversation.  After hanging up, I took some time to journal and connect with the divine.  

Feeling unsettled can be a message from our soul prompting us to shift our perspective and/or take actions in the areas we have control over.  Writing brought additional peace, as well as clarity on actions that would bring me healing and help me help others. Few minutes after I finished, I got a “junk” text from a retailer that began “Love WINS!”  Smiling, I viewed the message not only as an advertisement trying to entice me to buy, but as support from the universe.   

Unlike the headline grabbing turmoil trying to hook us, love is quiet.  Subtle.  Life affirming.  What we need to thrive. 

Universal love is always present.  My experience is a small example of how, if we’re open, the universe is ready, able and willing to meet our every need, large and small.  The important thing is that we move out of fear and disconnection and become open.  When we’re open, grace often shows up in unexpected ways.  I call this ordinary magic.    

Energy healing can help you move beyond fear, connect with inner wisdom and bring all kinds of magic into your life.

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