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Looking for Love?

We’re social animals who need connection and love, yet we don’t always know how to create it – often because we weren’t taught what love is. So we may confuse love with attachment.

Love is:

  • Uplifting

  • Freeing

And love:

  • Gives

  • Serves

  • Shares

  • Supports

  • Wants what’s best for another

Expecting others to validate us, make us feel good, or entertain us, is attachment and fear, not love and it’s draining. To love others, you must be connected to love within. You deserve love because you are love.

Coming from wholeness, you can give of yourself. You’re open to receiving love. You can love others more freely, with less attachment.

I invite you to observe these three things this week:

  1. Are you connected to the love within?

  2. Are you giving out love or attachment?

  3. Are the people you’re connecting with coming from love or attachment?

As always, I’d love to hear about your experience. Share in the comments below.


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