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Stop Counting Birthdays

My husband’s birthday and the media’s frequent mention of Joe Biden’s age during the campaign inspired me to offer a perspective on aging.

A lot of people believe that aging automatically means declining. I groan when I hear this kind of limiting belief and assumption purveyed as fact. Like that’s “just how it is”.

Many people associate physical and mental decline with hitting a certain age, assuming that’s a given. They place limitations on themselves and others. Because this is what the dominant culture reinforces, rarely a day goes by that someone doesn’t tell a story of how they’re limited by age or how they expect to become limited.

Energy attracts its likeness. If you harbor negative thoughts about aging and expect disintegration, you’ll likely get it. If you devalue yourself because of age, the world mirrors your opinion. Yet you don’t have to allow limiting beliefs to define you.

Your being is ageless, timeless, eternal and unlimited. Your being vibrates at a higher frequency than matter. Your being exists in the now, where life happens. When you’re connected to your being, your energy flows. You’re more vibrant than if you’re separated, confined to the physical.

As Prince said, you only have one birthday. What would it be like if you attached less meaning to your chronological age? Could your life be more of a celebration without the baggage that’s often attached to numbers?


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