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The $40 Miracle

Although I’ve been visiting my Aspen location regularly, lately I’ve been spending time in Sacramento. I haven’t felt the need to open another account, so I’ve kept my banking in Aspen. Most of my transactions are electronic, so usually it’s no problem.

My husband finds that CBD helps him with inflammation and sleep, and I wanted to buy him a CBD chocolate bar for Valentine’s. You can only purchase those with cash. I was flat out of cash and didn’t want to pay an ATM withdrawal fee. Valentine’s was on a Sunday, so I told the universe that I needed $40 by the weekend.

Several days passed. Nothing. I wasn’t expecting any cash payments, could not see any channel for it to come through. Then I got a hit to look in the hydropak that I wear running where I usually keep a few bucks.

There were a few dollars in one of the pockets, but not enough. “Oh well,” I thought to myself, “that’s it. I’ll just have to find a way to make do.” I moved on and didn’t give it any more thought.

On Thursday someone came for an energy session and brought me a sweet little bamboo plant. After we finished and she left I looked on top of my desk. Two crisp twenty-dollar bills were tucked under the plant.

I was awestruck, amazed and grateful. I sat down for a few joyful moments and soaked in the magic. This was an incredible demonstration of the power of a clear intention.

When you signal your desire clearly, let go and surrender, the universe responds.

This little miracle was a validation of the powerful ability that you, too, possess to co-create anything you desire, large or small. To manifest a desire:

  • You first need a clear focus.

  • After you’ve sent a clear signal, you need to release your desire to the universe.

  • The universe will respond in its own time, in its own way, which is often beyond our imagination.

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