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The Universe Doesn't Always Do What You Want

God, the divine, the universe, whatever you like to call it, may not always do what you want. But it’s still good.

For three years, Tammie had been trying to make friends and find a partner. She’d implored the universe to bring her soulmates, but it wasn’t happening. She felt the universe wasn’t listening. Hopeless, she started questioning if there even was a divine consciousness, or if there was, if it cared about her. She was in a dark place.

If the divine existed, she wanted to have a personal connection. But she didn’t know how.

The divine is beyond mind. You can connect by getting out of the mind. In stillness, you can experience divine presence, love and peace. You can be guided toward your highest good.


• Listen, instead of projecting out.

• Instead of telling the universe what to do, listen to what the universe is saying to you through the still small voice, through feeling and knowing.

• The key is openness. Receiving, not putting out.

• This isn’t something you do just once. It’s a day by day, moment by moment way of being.

The divine is within you. You have the potential to co-create your experiences with thought. Thoughts are energy. Wherever you direct your thoughts, energy flows.

Although you have this powerful creative capacity, the divine, which has your highest good in mind, doesn’t always conform to human will. It operates through the lens of eternity. Humans don’t have the whole picture.

There may be a soul lesson in what you’re experiencing. There may be something better than what you can imagine in store.

1. Be open to what there is to learn.

2. State your intention.

3. Surrender to the great mystery, knowing that it’s good.

4. Let the divine move in its way and time.


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