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Vulnerability is Strength

When our heart is open, we’re present and available. We can feel. We experience love, joy and enthusiasm, which supports health and well-being.

When we’re afraid of getting hurt we guard our hearts. Yet the guarding ends up hurting us because we’re not open to life. When we’re closed, we’re putting out fear and fear is what we get back.

Pain and disappointment happen, but they don’t have to become suffering. Suffering happens when we hold onto pain or try to avoid it. Controlling, protecting, avoiding, holding anger and resentment, cause pain and close our hearts.

Instead of closing our heart, we can learn how to move through pain and disappointment and keep our heart open. Instead of allowing fear, guilt, shame, or judgment to close our heart, we can honor and get to the other side of these emotions. Here, we’re clearer, stronger, more resilient.

Open hearted vulnerability is strength. It gives you greater stability. When your heart is open, you’re less likely to be upset by others.

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