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What if You Suspended Your Mind's Limitations?

Do you know that beyond our bodies and personalities, we are unlimited beings?

This is a principle I emphasize at the beginning of every class I teach. Yet even though I’m well aware of this fundamental truth, even MY mind falls into the trap of creating limitations for myself.

Here’s what I mean...

I really enjoy running. I’m not top-level – more like middle of the pack – but nonetheless, I love it. Recently, I’ve been participating in a half-marathon training group. The camaraderie and shared focus makes running easier and more fun than training solo.

I run largely for the Zen of it. Much of the time I don’t wear a watch and when I do, I don’t pay much attention to it. But recently we were doing a speed workout – and on our warm-up jog to the track my friend related the goal pace the coach had set for us. It sounded extremely ambitious and I figured he must have calculated it wrong.

“Ha!” said me, the preacher of non-limitation, “There’s no way I can do that!”

When we got to the track, I didn’t give the goal pace much more thought and just took my usual approach of offering my best effort without not getting hung up on times. After a couple laps, I glanced at my watch. Much to my surprise, I was on pace!

A few laps later, I glanced again at my watch and saw I was running even FASTER than the pace that had seemed so impossible to me!

While running, I wasn’t thinking about what I supposedly couldn’t do. I was just focused on doing my best. And what do you know? Magic happened.

So how about you? What limitations is YOUR mind currently imposing on you, by telling you things like, “that’s impossible!” or “I could never do that!”

Now here are a couple questions for you:

What would happen if you suspended your mind’s limitations and simply focused on doing your best?

What perceived barriers might you break through?


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