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You Still Have the Power

Tense times we’re in.  So many different perspectives.  Yet although we may be going about it differently, one thing we all have in common is that everyone is seeking their good.  Remember, no matter what's happening in the outer, universal love, abundance and joy never change.  Never run out.  There may be upheaval going on around us, but we are still divine beings with the power to co-create our experiences.  We create with our charged actions, feelings and thoughts.  Instead of being pulled off course, we can learn how to consciously direct our energy and create what we desire.  Step one is to start noticing whether your body sensations, feelings and thoughts are aligned with your desires.  The clearer your signal, the clearer and quicker you'll get results.  If your body sensations, feelings and thoughs are not aligned, with attention, it's possible to dig in and clear limited beliefs, blocked emotions, other peoples' energy or anything else that's in the way.  It's a process.  You improve with practice.    When we know how to create consciously, we’re no longer in fear.  We’re empowered.  Able to remain more connected to joy, no matter what the conditions. 


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