Tap your inner wisdom and profoundly change your life.

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Find Your Answers
Energy Healing Gets to the Core and Resolves Issues Quickly

Dissolve destructive patterns.  Stop getting stuck in loops.  Relieve stress, anxiety, depression and confusion.  Resolve relationship problems.  

Clear the inner blocks that prevent you from showing up the way you want to.
  • Find inner peace

  • Heal

  • Become better equipped to handle stressful situations 

  • Discover a sense of purpose

  • Experience connection

  • Find clarity

  • Better health

  • Care for yourself

"After my first session with Jane I was hooked. It’s been a transformational year and Jane has a great deal to do with that. Our sessions are always so profound. She helps me get to the bottom of things so quickly and then gives me simple ways of dealing with stresses. Jane has helped me in more ways than I thought possible. Each day I am reminded of something she has taught me and it brings peace and acceptance to my life. Jane’s one on one energy healing sessions are wonderful and empowering. I always leave feeling grounded and refreshed, truly the best me.” 

-Rachel Mode  

energy healing
Individual Guidance and Healing

Restore health, harmony and balance on all levels.   Empower yourself physically and mentally.  Information and tools you can use immediately. 

"Jane's energy healing is an interactive, intuitive and highly transformative process. It’s gentle, collaborative and freeing. Results are immediate.  Jane is a see-er. She posses a unique gift, the ability to unburden one from lifetimes of unresolved karmic memories. She has the ability to free one’s body of subconscious energy blocks, leading to greater health, happiness and life purpose. It’s truly a miraculous process that everyone needs to experience. You will leave a completely new person.  Healing is instantaneous. Therapy no longer needs to take multiple sessions."  -Ben Mundy

An Evening of Energy Healing
group energy healing

Learn, practice and experience:


  • Moving through obstacles toward the fulfillment of your vision

  • Deepening your capacity to connect to joy, no matter what the conditions

  • Support and guidance

  • Healing from within

  • Releasing fear

  • Peace of mind

  • De-stressing

  • Self love

  • Forgiveness

  • Clearing encumbering patterns

  • Openness

  • A softening in relationships and deeper intimacy

"Thank the baby Jesus I have an energy healer!!!!" -Teri Weesner

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Animal Communication

​Find out what's going on with your animal.  Insight and information that can help strengthen the bond and increase the harmony between you and your pet.  Address behavioral problems and assist with health challenges.​

“Thank you for your light-filled, caring and loving counsel for the animals in my life.” -Lydia Patubo

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