About Jane St. Croix Ireland

I'm an intuitive who uses my skills as an energy healer and intuitive reader to guide people toward their desire for clarity and balance in their lives.  I see my role as the facilitator - empowering people to access their own personal power and connection to a divine presence.  By clearing away negative energy, people can break through barriers, resulting in inner peace and healing on all levels.  When desired, I develop relationships that are in-depth and long-term.

I had a blow the doors off mystical experience during the winter solstice of 2001.  That personal spiritual experience was extremely enlightening.  It opened me to "Brilliant White Light" (BWL or Divine Spirit), who works through me, and to my intuitive abilities.  It altered my life and set me on the path to being a healer and teacher.












For over a decade I've used my intuitive ability to help hundreds of people heal on all levels, manifest their hearts' desires and live well.  I do this watching the way the energy of a group or an individual moves and listening to the guidance I receive.  I pass the guidance on and I engage people in an experiential process that helps them connect and find the answers within.  

My skills, the clarity of my vision and the guidance I receive help people discover practical tools they can put to work immediately.  My clients often say that this work helps them get to the bottom of issues much faster than with conventional methods.



I offer group and individual sessions by phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and in                                      person in Sacramento, CA and Aspen, CO.

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