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You Have the Answers

I can help you uncover them.


I use my intuitive ability to help you tap your inner wisdom and heal your relationships and life. 


I do that by watching how your energy moves, listening to the guidance I receive and engaging you in a process that helps YOU find YOUR answers. 

Feel Better!

For seventeen years, I've used my ability to help hundreds of people

  • Find peace

  • Heal the past

  • Learn to love themselves

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Improve their health

  • Find direction and purpose

  • Manage stressful situations

  • Manifest their hearts desires i.e. finding the perfect partner

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Clear Old Patterns:

The tremendous amount of work I've done to heal myself physically and emotionally has taught me compassion, empathy and given me insight into helping others. 

  • I've become skilled at working with energy

  • I've found that Spirit always provides people with the answers they need  

My deep connection to Spirit, dedication and optimism are defining factors of who I am. 


We were made to experience health, abundance, love and connection.  I'm all about helping people realize these things.   

What led me down this path?

It was enlightening and life altering.  It opened me to Divine Spirit, who works through me, and to my intuitive abilities, and set me on the path to being a healer and teacher.

What Happened?

From the time I was a teenager, a mysterious, hard to diagnose set of symptoms dogged me.  I had burning brain fog, my body felt bloated and I was exhausted.  I had reactions to everything from chocolate to chewing gum to chemicals.  My head was thick and burnt.  I felt removed from reality. 

Beginning in my mid-twenties, I started making the rounds of doctors, conventional and alternative.  Nothing worked. 


Since the doctors didn’t have the answer, I decided my only hope was figuring out how to heal myself through that mind body connection I’d heard about. 

I started devouring self-help books, began journaling and meditating.  For years I practiced stream of consciousness journaling - written prayer.  And I meditated.  The focus was on my physical and emotional healing.


As the unwanted, unwelcome product of an affair, my biological mother rejected me.  I was raised by emotionally abusive adoptive parents.  My insistence on being myself, instead of who they wanted me to be, threatened my family’s belief systems.  This led to my adoptive father disowning me.  

Lack of family support and connection left me feeling utterly alone and terrified, like I had nothing and no one.  Existential stress triggered the genes that contributed to my illness.  I had a lot of healing to do.


As I wrote, I started hearing words in my ear.  The words were clear, as though they were being dictated.  It felt like they were coming from above.  I wrote them down as fast as I could, without questioning what they meant.  It seemed obvious that the thing to do was just keep writing, without stopping, so I did.   

The only goal of my practice had been a deeper connection with the Divine and the experience took me completely by surprise.  What came through was different than anything I'd ever written myself.  It was obviously from a much higher place. 

For the next several months, more writings kept spontaneously coming through.  They were incredibly sacred, beautiful, pure, and uplifting, unlike anything I’d ever written before. 

As the writing took place, the energy vibrated like electricity.  I felt like I was being lifted off the ground.  The energy was bigger and more powerful than words can capture.  It was BEYOND NUCLEAR.  Yet incredibly sweet and loving. 


The feeling was of ecstasy, joy, wonder, awe and amazement. 


Suddenly I knew, saw and understood things far beyond my limited individual perspective. 

I was able to peer beneath the surface and understand the deeper meaning of things.  It was/is a whole different level of perception. 

I started seeing auras and perceiving energies all around me.  The color of peoples’ energy fields told me what was going on in their life, and how to help them. 


The intelligent energy provided wisdom, insight and guidance that was personally relevant, and universally applicable. 

The experience continued until March.  Afterward, I wanted to go back to my old life designing jewelry.  But once my lens into subtle energies and other dimensions had opened I could not shut it down.  My life had been irrevocably altered.  I couldn't go back to a mundane existence. 


I received the message "Become a spiritual teacher".  "No way!" I said "You already have enough of those".  The prompting continued. 


Well, you see who got their way.  Eventually, I gave in and started doing energy healing. 

As I’ve practiced energy healing, I’ve continued down the path of helping others and myself.  Connection with Spirit helped me overcome that triple whammy of rejection, heal physically, thrive, and help hundreds of others do likewise.  


Helping people connect with their inner wisdom and attract love and connection. To contribute to a more loving, cooperative, harmonious, sustainable world. 

"Over the years I have worked with energy healers. I learned early on to be very careful in choosing a practitioner to partner with in this kind of intimate energetic work. After getting to know Jane St. Croix over a period of several months, I recognized in her a sense of integrity and a deep desire to serve; I knew I would be in safe and caring hands and booked my first session. There, I experienced deep repose and emerged from the treatment with tranquil energy. I highly recommend Jane, she’s the real deal."  -Lisa Prior

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