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Animal Communication

Insight and information that can help strengthen the bond and increase the harmony between you, address behavioral problems, and assist with health challenges. Animal readings are done by phone or Zoom.  In special circumstances home visits can be arranged.


Companion animals are special partners to the human race. In an unselfish manner, their souls have volunteered to befriend, support, hold space and help us transcend our challenges. Animals are pure, uncomplicated light and love. That is why we are so drawn to them and so enchanted by them. We feel our kinship. We resonate with their purity and natural joy.

Animal communication

My box Turtle Sunny Dragon is a Zen master in a shell.  He makes my heart smile.

David Bartley

I have been blessed to know and work with Jane for more than 8 years. My wife and I operate a sanctuary for senior and special needs animals, and as such, we have been both a regular and delighted customer for many years.

Like Jane, we discovered our passion and purpose almost by accident, and while we started our rescue efforts on small scale back in 2000, we have grown to now provide a Forever Home for more than 30 animal residents. Conservatively speaking, I have had Jane “check in” with one or more of our beloved residents on more than 50 occasions, and each time I am left knowing that the message relayed has come straight from the heart of the being.

I cannot imagine doing the work we do without the help of such a compassionate, talented, and wise healer.

Deanna Slavec

Jane has been working with our animals since 2001 and I can’t imagine trying to get along without her. She can readily tune in to give us feedback on anything we’re seeking information on, whether a personality conflict, behavior issue, choosing a name or the most difficult of decisions ~ whether euthanasia is warranted. The messages are so clear and most often contain unusual tidbits that clearly come from the specific being.

One of my favorite stories is an early one, from 2002. Our beloved Boston Terrier, Chance, died in his sleep, which opened up a spot for another dog to fill. We chose a Miniature Pinscher who had been bounced to seven homes in eight months and given a myriad of names. It was our first opportunity to let an animal choose his name. The answer was surprising – he wanted to be called Happenstance. We liked it very much, but it was not a name that we would have thought to use! To be clear, I looked it up it the dictionary and the definition read, “A chance event.” We call our Min Pin Happy for short, and he is a constant reminder of our wonderful Chance who gave up his place to him.

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