What People Say:

"I have had the good fortune to work with Jane for the past 10 years. She helped me work through caring for and losing my father, challenging parenting situations, complex family dynamics and old wounds/regrets. She is a skilled practitioner who cuts to the heart of an issue and offers a deep connection to my inner wisdom.

Furthermore, Jane’s energy healing is the real deal. I have worked with her in person and remotely and have had very powerful experiences where I could physically feel the energy moving throughout my body and restoring every fiber of my being." 


Christina Giffen

“I started my sessions with Jane when she was in Sacramento. I had a lot to work through and meeting with her helped bring it to the surface.  I was afraid that when she's in Colorado our sessions wouldn’t be as transformative as when we met in person, but I was so wrong! Our first Zoom session was so comfortable and she was so present, it didn’t feel at all like there were miles between us.


During our next couple of sessions I broke through so much more in my life.  I can’t express enough my gratitude to Jane in just these few short sentences! Distance doesn’t matter when working with Jane, she is so attentive, present and focused on her clients and our needs. Thank you Jane! I look forward to all our future sessions!” 

Erica Shaw


I have been working with Jane for over 10 years plus.  I was amazed after the third session.  For years of going to therapy and no relief after the third session with Jane, I felt some positive shifting starting to happen.  I continue to work with Jane through Skype ( I was skeptical at first, but I actually like it better being in my own space).  With the help of Jane I am truly becoming the woman I am meant to be ie..grounded, confident, and spiritually connected.  She is amazing to work with and so very intuitive.  She is such a blessing in my life.


Beth Maynard



"Jane is caring, compassionate and understanding and always provides a safe space for expressing your feelings to help resolve and release any negative feelings and energy that may be taking away your balance and ability to feel power and peace within. She has helped me grow and feel more in tune with my self and able to deal with stressful unwanted situations. Inner peace is power and she is able to guide you to your own path of peacefulness and growth. I highly recommend connecting with Jane."


  Janet Neyens


"I have been blessed to know Jane St. Croix since 2000. Her talents are wide and deep, from intuitive readings and energy clearings to animal communication, and the time I have spent with her is immeasurable. Without a doubt, I can say that Jane has saved my life as well as my sanity at some of the very darkest moments in my life. Being an empath myself, with a crazy work ethic and a tendency to push myself past my limits too many times, I feel safe in knowing that the situation can be resolved quickly and effectively any time I find myself at a point of personal crisis. Some things are beyond our control and Jane rights the ship immediately. My personal commitment is to stay in closer touch - she is a power tool against the craziness of life." 


Deanna Slavec


"6 stars would not be too many. Jane has ably assisted so many of us to grow, heal, and gain insight about ourselves. Her soulful approach to groups and individuals is loving, peace-filled, and highly intuitive. Jane maintains a safe trusted place when working with individuals and groups. Quite definitely, Jane is a Messenger of the Possibilities of Good."


Reg Auer



"Jane has made a world of difference in my life, she has helped me help myself and continues to support me and guide me in the correct direction. I am forever grateful to her. She has such a calming presence and helps me access my true self. I highly recommend her to everyone!"


Jessica Quimby



"For those of you who don’t know, Jane is a highly gifted individual who is 100% dedicated to applying her talents to lift up and help others create a better life for themselves. She is adept at individual spiritual growth, group facilitation, animal intuitive readings, and creating programs that are relatable and understandable. I’ve participated in a variety of classes, readings and healing sessions and have always come away with a powerful, transformational experience. 


Ben Mundy



"I really enjoy my experiences with Jane. She is a great listener and her energy healing focuses on just what I need to hear and understand in my next step forward. She is positive and deeply insightful. I know I can turn to Jane for wisdom and healing."


Diane W.



"I've been blessed to know Jane since 2005. She provides a calm, thoughtful, caring and compassionate perspective, and is really good at helping me figure out what I need and where to focus my attention."


Kathaleen Reed


"Jane provides a safe and soothing environment."

Rissa Ito