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The Four Levels of Energy Meditation

Working with Spirit Guides to Open, Cleanse and Balance

This process was given to me by my Guides and I’ve honed it over the past twelve years.


It’s a progression - I call it a frequency ladder - that works with Spirit Guides to take you from the mundane into the unlimited realm.


It begins in the body because, unlike the mind, the body can only be in the present.  The body is the easiest and most effective entry point to begin meditating.


Each progressive level balances a vital aspect of your energy and moves you to a higher frequency of healing and connection.  In this meditation, I walk you through each of these levels.

Four levels of mediation

Level I:  Connecting with your body and facilitating the flow of energy.  Getting present, experiencing this moment, where life is happening. Opening to your eternal, invisible, divine being.

Level 2:  Living abundantly, powerfully, soulfully and authentically.  


Level 3:  Moving through emotions into love and peace.  Opening to any form of healing you may need.

Level 4:  Uniting with the unlimited divine, where your soul’s desires come true.

Recorded in wild and beautiful Hunter Valley in Aspen, you’ll hear the creek flowing serenely in the background.  Enjoy any time (except while driving)!

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