Helping You Find Answers. 

My experience with dysfunctional families and health challenges is no accident.  My soul’s purpose is to transform and help others.

You have inner wisdom.  You do!  You are born with it, and are slowly talked out of it as you grow up.


Energy healing clears the inner blocks that prevent you from showing up in your life the way you would like to.


My work focuses on re-connecting you to to your optimal self.


  • Experience more authenticy and intimacy in relationships

  • Create more joy at work

  • Experiece more vibrant health

  • Discover and walk in your life’s purpose


I’ve been to a lot of good, caring doctors and some who weren’t so good or caring.  Some helped, but no single doctor was able to provide the entire answer. So I set my own strong intention for health.  I learned how to feel into my body and listen to my intuition.

Intuitive Energy Healing - Animal Communication

"After my first session with Jane I was hooked. It’s been a transformational year and Jane has a great deal to do with that. Our sessions are always so profound. She helps me get to the bottom of things so quickly and then gives me simple ways of dealing with stresses. Jane has helped me in more ways than I thought possible. Each day I am reminded of something she has taught me and it brings peace and acceptance to my life. Jane’s one on one energy medicine sessions are wonderful and empowering. I always leave feeling grounded and refreshed, truly the best me.”  -Rachel, 26

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Intuitive Energy Healing 

Personal Guidance

As we connect deeply, I am given intuitive guidance to work with your energy to bring about positive change.

My holistic approach restores health, harmony and balance on all levels. We are both given information, guidance and tools you can use so you can empower yourself physically and mentally.


"I worked with Jane on my broken relationship with my husband.  Through clearing old wounds and learning new tools, I am able to ask for what I want. He's opened up to me and we're experiencing a deeper connection."     -Sharon





Energy healing workshops

Empowering Workshops

Guidance in a group setting

You can effect great change in your life when you tap into inner wisdom.  

Many report that intuitive energy healing gets to the core and resolves issues much faster than conventional methods. 


You'll experience:

  • Intuitive readings

  • Energy healing

  • Exercises that help you connect with your inner wisdom and facilitate transformation on the deepest levels

  • A movement practice that is suited to all levels that clears blocked energy and facilitates health and well-being

  • Practical tools so you can immediately create your heart’s desire


Animal Communication

What does your animal feel?

I use  my intuitive ability to connect with your animal and I receive communication. Insight and information that can help strengthen the bond and increase the harmony between you, address behavioral problems, and assist with health challenges.


Here’s a short (approximately 11 minutes), simple practice that helps you connect with your body and center yourself.

Meditation-A How to Guide

Because we’re all connected, our personal healing helps humanity heal and make the shift from fear to love.  When we look at it from this perspective, we can view challenges as opportunities to grow and help not only ourselves, but others.

Benefits of Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy healing continues to gain popularity as people come to understand and experience the role life force energy plays in our lives on a day to day basis.  Here are a few of the benefits: 

  1. Access your intuition
    Find answers, clarity and practical tools you can put to work immediately through accessing the wisdom of your body.


  2. Deal with stress better
    We lead busy, stressful lives and we're often pulled in many directions.  Energy healing restores balance, leaves you whole, connected and in tune with how to manage your energies.   


  3. Balance
    Stay grounded in work, relationships and all areas of life.  


  4. Unblock your energy and release your full potential
    Manifest your heart's desire.  Experience health, wholeness and fulfillment.  

Overcoming challenges is no easy task, but the growth we experience and the strength we gain makes the work worthwhile.

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Providing remote sessions nationwide.

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Intuitive Energy Healing

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