Empowering Workshops

  • Free yourself from past patterns

  • Clear the blocked emotions that cause stuckness and health challenges

  • Release worry, fear and negative self talk

  • Stop taking on other peoples' stuff

Experience intuitive readings and energy healing.  Exercises facilitate deep transformation.  Learn practical tools you can use immediately. 

Workshops on intuitive energy healing

The Process

  • Receive guidance from an intuitive energy healer

  • Individual and group readings

  • Healing energy 

  • Connect with your intuition 

  • Learn from others' experiences

The Benefits

  • Restore health, harmony and balance in all areas of life

  • Physical and mental well-being

  • Feel less alone

  • Manifest your heart's desires to create the life you want to live

What do the workshops feel like?

Every one of our gatherings is soulful, fun and personable.  I create a safe, sacred and welcoming space.  You actively participate in a process that helps you uncover the answers within.  Students are free to ask questions and share.  

Intuitive Readings

My observation of each person's energy is called a "reading".  These short readings are often interspersed with intuitive information that is provided to the group.  As I view energy, I receive guidance.  I pass the guidance onto you and engage you in a process that helps you connect to your inner wisdom.  Insight comes up about energies that can affect all areas of life.  

Additional information may come up about soul's purpose, soul agreements, archetypes, past lives, spirit guides and helpers, ancestral information, contact with deceased loved ones, and lessons, encouragement and direction.  

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An Evening of Intuitive Energy Healing 

Finding Peace and Balance

website-individual 90 minute consult (2)

Every First and Third Thursday

June 3rd - no class June 17th

6:30-8:30 p.m. Pacific Time


As I guide you through my energetic healing sequence  you will learn how to create or deepen your practice of tapping into your inner wisdom and affect profound change in your life.


Through my signature process you will learn, practice and experience:


  • Moving through obstacles toward the fulfillment of your vision

  • Deepening your capacity to connect to joy, no matter what the conditions

  • Support and guidance

  • Healing from within

  • Releasing fear

  • Peace of mind

  • De-stressing

  • Self love

  • Forgiveness

  • Clearing encumbering patterns

  • Openness

  • A softening in relationships and deeper intimacy



A Gentle Discipline with Infinite/Ongoing Benefits

Healing, a connection to your life's purpose and a sense of peace naturally arise from gentle persistence with the practice of connecting with and listening to your inner wisdom. 


This participatory workshop allows you to experience:

  • Intuitive readings

  • Energy healing

  • Exercises that help you connect with your inner wisdom and facilitate transformation on the deepest levels

  • A gentle movement practice that is suited to all levels that clears blocked energy and facilitates health and well-being

  • Practical tools so you can immediately begin to create your heart’s desire


What are the benefits of regularly attending group sessions?

  • A safe environment to be authentic and vulnerable

  • Connection with like minded community

  • Consistently practicing the tools and mastering the skills that create peace and balance

  • Stepping away from the hectic pace of life and caring for yourself

  • Learning from and inspiring others

  • Feeling less alone


I warmly invite you to experience a field of unconditional support and acceptance as you connect to yourself, your fellow students and the Divine Wisdom that connects us all.  

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$50 per class

6 Session Package $270
Must be used in 8 months

12 Session Package $480
Must be used in 12 months

If you're one of many whose income has been affected by recent events, a sliding scale is available.  Please email for details.

Sacramento, CA Class

Date to be announced.

Aspen, CO Class

Date to be announced.

A Day of Intuitive Energy Healing

Mini Retreat

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Piccolo Pastures

7227 Point Pleasant Rd.

Elk Grove, CA 95757


Includes lunch

Space is limited.

“Working with energy immediately cuts through layers of mind-made issues and gets to the heart of what I want to address.  One session with Jane guides you through what would take years to un-layer in conventional psychology.  It just gets right to it!”  -Dani, 45

The Four Essential Energies 

Date and location to be announced.

  • Discover the essence of the four levels of energy

  • Learn how energy becomes blocked

  • Learn how to clear your energetic pathways and connect with Divine Spirit for healing

  • Access higher energies and open yourself to positive possibilities

The Experience

We begin with my signature techniques to raise our energy levels, followed by experiential exercises so you can recognize and dissolve blocks. 

  • Learn universal principles to empower yourself and immediately create your heart’s desire. 

  • Gain practical tools that dissolve anxiety and stress. 

  • Discover how to free yourself from the negativity (pain) of others. 

  • Experience energy and clarity that can lead to physical and mental well-being and greater satisfaction in life. 

  • Opportunities for deep realizations, intuitive readings and energy healing take place throughout the session. 


I invite you to experience a space of unconditional support and acceptance, where you can connect with yourself, each other and Divine Spirit. 


"Powerful class!  Saw my obstacles to knowing the divine and found the path of heart and forgiveness.  I accessed higher energies."  -Margaret, 65

"Uplifting and results oriented."  -Agnes, 55