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What is Energy Healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing is based on the “life force energy” flowing through us, which is the thing that causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is high, in balance and flowing, the individual is more likely to feel happy and healthy. If it’s low, blocked, or imbalanced they are more likely to get sick or feel stressed, depressed or blocked. The health of a person’s energy is reflected in the health of the body, emotions and satisfaction with life. 


As an intuitive healer, I use an experiential process of readings and dialogue that actively engages individuals and helps them connect with their inner wisdom.  When seeing a client in person, I use hands on energy healing to restore the flow and create balance.  When working with distance clients, I use the same process to send the energy.  Since energy is not confined to a physical location, both methods are equally effective.  Intuitive healing helps individuals transform all areas of their lives. 


A Few Signs That You Could Benefit From Intuitive Energy Healing:

  • Feeling stuck and blocked

  • Health challenges

  • Difficulty accepting yourself and feeling deserving

  • Taking on others’ energy

  • Relationship issues

  • Desire more peace, balance, clarity and better health

  • Desire a deeper connection with the Divine

My Approach

I work through the insight I receive from Divine Spirit, based on my personal awakening experience.  



As I view your energy and receive guidance, I share that information with you.  I engage you in a process that helps you connect to your inner wisdom.  


Through this approach I can identify and help you heal imbalances in your energy system  that affect all areas of life. My holistic approach restores health, harmony and balance on all levels--information, guidance and tools you can use to empower yourself physically and mentally.  


What You'll Learn

My comprehensive sessions can reveal multiple facets of information, based on your needs and desires:

  • The state of your energy system

  • What subconscious patterns may be keeping you stuck

  • How to unblock yourself 

  • How to create healing

  • Soul’s purpose

  • Soul agreements

  • Archetypes

  • Past lives

  • Spirit guides and helpers

  • Ancestral information

  • Contact with deceased loved ones

  • Lessons, encouragement and direction

How a Session Works:

My ability to read and send energy is not confined to a physical location, so many of my clients work with me via Zoom videoconferencing or FaceTime.  I also offer in person sessions in Aspen, CO.  

At the beginning of the consultation, I view your energy system and receive information about what needs to be addressed in the session.  I draw a sketch of your aura and share what it means, as well as information from your body, energy field, and soul that is relevant to the session.  Depending on the needs of the client, I use spirit guided healing and shamanic practices to balance energy.  Sessions are interactive, you’ll be engaged in dialogue that helps you discover practical tools and deep realizations that empower you physically, mentally, spiritually and help you accomplish your goals.  You’re encouraged to ask questions about your specific concerns. 

Next, I use hands on energy healing to deepen and further the process.  There are 7 major energy centers called chakras in the body.  Each delivers different energies. If your session is in person, as you relax on the massage table, I lightly place my hands on the energy centers one at a time. As I do this, I tune into the frequency of your energy, which indicates what frequency of divine healing energy is needed.  I then act as a conduit for the energy that flows through me and brings balance and harmony.

If your session is by phone or videoconference, I use the same process to balance your energy from a distance.

A treatment feels relaxing; some people experience it as a warm, peaceful, uplifting radiance flowing through and around them. My holistic approach addresses the whole person, creating transformation on the deepest levels.  Many report that my readings and energy healing get to the core and resolve issues much faster than conventional methods.



  • Physical healing

  • Pain relief 

  • Better sleep

  • Freedom

  • Finding direction and purpose

  • Feeling whole

  • Peace and acceptance

  • Grounded and refreshed

  • Feeling a closer connection to the divine

  • Reaching your goals

  • Being your best self and experiencing the joy of being you!

Sacramento Office:

25 Cadillac Dr. Ste. 210

Aspen Office:

701 Independence Place

Providing remote sessions nationwide.

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