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I'm Deeply Concerned!

“I’m deeply concerned about what’s happening in the world”, lamented Mitzi at the beginning of her session. “It doesn’t affect me, I don’t have to work anymore, so I’m not worried about wage equality. I have health insurance and I’m past reproductive age. But I want my two year old granddaughter to have a good life.”

She continued “Sometimes I feel like just checking out and never leaving my ceramic studio, but I can’t do that.

I’ve never been politically active. I feel like maybe I should do something, but I don’t know what. My husband and I had my sister, brother in law and nephew (all the opposite political party) over for dinner. They called me stupid for believing the way I do, and I judged them.

When the discussion turned into conflict we all agreed it was time for them to go. We’re all fine,” she said. I could see this was true, cords of loving energy remained, “but I’m disappointed in my behavior.”

“What’s happening is still wrong”, Mitzi insisted. When working with clients I receive guidance from Spirit. With Spirit's guidance I asked Mitzi to locate the feeling of wrongness in her body. “My chest is tight”, she said. “Open to the healing energy and guidance that’s here and breathe all the way into the tightness”, I instructed her, “See what happens.”

Her inner knowing told her that her small step was to stay informed.

“But when I watch the news, I get angry”, she said. “Can you breathe into the anger?” I asked. She could. She connected with her peaceful center and realized she could watch the news from there.

Calm washed over her. Instead of adding to the anger and fear on TV, awareness would afford space to listen to other perspectives and respond thoughtfully.

I shared with her more about how we all want to be understood and validated. We like others to agree with us, but when we’re condescending, frustrated and judgmental it provokes more of the same. Information presented in an empowering way opens dialogue. Being shamed doesn’t.

It had been raining nonstop on the west coast, where Mitzi lives, so she’d quit walking. She’d drifted away from meditation. Her breakfast smoothie of fruit and raw greens didn’t taste good in the cold, so she’d been putting off eating until mid-afternoon. By then she was ravenous and would wolf down sweets. She felt guilty about her eating and lack of exercise, which wasn’t supporting her energy level or disposition.

We decided that a few simple steps would help her get back in rhythm. She committed to start meditating, find a winter smoothie recipe, and begin indoor yoga the next day. Mitzi’s confident that more self-care will help her stay centered, and that when the time is right, her next action step will be revealed.

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