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Ready to start connecting?

Lots of people have difficulty connecting, especially these days. And it’s nice to be near people you care about. But if you have a strong heart connection, you can be close without being in close physical proximity.

So, as you seek to make new connections with others, consider looking beyond your geographical area.

Yes, it’s wonderful to be with others in person. But the reality is, you may not always be able to find people you resonate with nearby. The good news is the universe is unlimited. Contained within every heart’s desire is the means to fulfill it. If your heart desires soulmates, they’re out there.

Another way to open yourself to the universe’s abundance is by embracing technology.

After getting free of a long, toxic relationship, when I was ready to date again, I knew I probably wouldn’t find anyone in my area. So, I set my online profile to anywhere in the world, as long he spoke English. I kissed some frogs (figuratively speaking), had some adventures, and eventually met my dream man.

A distance relationship may not be ideal, but real love goes beyond distance.

>> Instead of saying, “I couldn’t possibly be in a relationship or friends with someone faraway,” be open to all possibilities.

>> Consider taking a live online class to expand your connections beyond your geographic area.

If you set your intention to create genuine connection, take inspired action and stay open, the universe will find a way to deliver!


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