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Stop Limiting the Universe!

Not everyone is your soulmate. And that’s o.k.

Of course, it’s great to have someone you really click with. But even if a person isn’t your ideal friend or partner, even if they don’t meet every requirement you have for the people you want most in your life, you still might be able to share a worthwhile connection with them.

The more open you are to connection, the more the universe can deliver. That’s why I recommend you:

  • Approach connection as an adventure.

  • Experiment! Instead of eliminating someone because they don’t “check all the right boxes,” focus on where you do meet - and have fun.

Yes, it is important to be clear on what qualities you’re looking for in your relationships and to be discerning about who you let in close. But you’ve got to balance that discernment with the need to keep the door open, so you don’t limit the universe in what it brings to your life.

Remember, the universe can deliver every bit of the love and connection you’re open to.


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